5 Steps To Become A Remote Work Rockstar

When working from home, you might find it hard to transition from work mode to personal mode. It’s important to keep the distinction between your work and private space.

This is way easier said than done.

Sharing with you 5 steps that will help you to set yourself up for success while working remotely.

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Inviting you to start with one change at a time. Keep up this new routine for at least 7 days in a row before implementing a new one.

Here’s how you can start to work with more ease and effortlessness:

1. Establish a routine before you start working

This is one of the key factors of success for everyone who wants to become a remote work rockstar. There is no better way than starting your day with mindfulness.

Make it easy for you to transition into work mode. Maybe start with a quick workout, shower, and then turn on your laptop. Or start with getting ready and having a cup of coffee (my daily ritual), and then sit down at your computer.

2. Structure your workday in advance

Block out time on your calendar for “focus” time on projects, “fun” time to gain energy, meetings, and answering emails.

Make sure to implement time away from any screen or device. I talk about no-brainer-breaks. Check out this time and productivity management tool. It’ll help you to switch between focus and fun time easily.

3. Make sure to have a good internet connection & set up

Make sure to choose the right provider. I’d also encourage you to keep a headset next to you as well as to be in an environment where you can go for video calls.

4. Wrap Up your day and put everything aside

Inviting you to implement a clear “mental switch” to sign off such as putting your laptop into a cupboard or dedicated place.

This could also include a final check to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and preparation for the following day.

You could also implement a walk or any other activity that will allow you to switch off mentally.

5. Prioritize self-leadership for your healthy, happy and productive remote mindset

What we might take for granted, is not available to everyone. Stress, anxiety and burning out is a global epidemic. Fill up your cup first in order to be able to lead, support and impact others. Especially as a leader, I would encourage you to be a role model.

Remote work requires an enormous amount of discipline. Getting work done and going out of work satisfied take some conscious work.

During COVID-19 our private and professional life can merge easily. These easy steps will help you to “leave work at the door”, even if you can’t leave the house.

Keep showing up for your business and your team.

And don’t forget, we can absolutely winX Today!

With gratitude & gumption,


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