5 Tips How To Negotiate In Crises

Usually, negotiations are the best practice for both sides to focus on a win-win situation.

Negotiating in times of trouble can be different. Our brain and body might be in a constant stress situation and therefore on a completely different hormonal mix overall. Flight, fight, and freeze responses can make it challenging to be passionate, focused, and kind.

Sharing with you 5 tips on how to negotiate in a crisis, especially in times of change and uncertainty.

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Here are my tips how to negotiate in times of trouble:

1. Adopt a collaborative mindset

A collaborative mindset is required to minimize potential losses. Standard procedures and tactics might not be helpful under such conditions and circumstances.

2. Support others to trust you and be collaborative as well

The stress of a crisis can cause a more skeptical mindset towards negotiations with people.

A collaborative mindset includes the intention to minimize potential losses and maximize potentials gains for both.

3. Focus on transparent and open communication

Negotiating under pressure requires trust, transparency, and open communication towards common goals and purpose.

Having a communication strategy will help you to stay on track.

But this requires soft skills and emotional intelligence to be able to apply leadership that will reach every party involved in those negotiations.

Wondering how to start with your communication strategy?

Check out the interview with Sarah Elsser where we also talk about exactly this topic and much more that will help you to do it successfully.

4. Emphasis on common goals and purpose

Creating a path where all parties can contribute towards and be part of the journey will help you to reach the objective way faster.

Pay attention to repeat those common goals and purpose over and over again to establish those principles into every step along the negotiations.

5. Show humanity and humility

Showing humanity and humility can be a game-changer to reach the goal faster and better.

Like mentioned at the beginning, challenging times such as crises or uncertainty can be difficult for every individual.

Showing compassion, kindness and consciousness in business will be a MUST soon.

Next generations don’t want to work with narcissists anymore but in squads like Spotify and many others who show smart working, balance, and agility. Teamwork and co-creation, as well as collaboration, are the future of work.

Digital natives want to have fun and growth at work. Especially during COVID-19, the so-called new normal might be challenging because of all the uncertainty and change in unforeseen and unexpected ways. Make sure to keep it in mind especially within negotiations during crises.

Keep showing up for your business and your team by doing your best.

And don’t forget, we can absolutely winX Today!

With gratitude & gumption,


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