6 Steps To Establish A Remote Learning Culture

How to create a learning culture for your remote team?

According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace learning report, 94 % of employees would have stayed at a company longer if they would have been given better learning and development opportunities.

Leading a remote team can make it challenging to focus on your team’s development. Today, learning is more important than ever before.

This current unprecedented change provides an opportunity to help your team to strengthen their skills and find resilience. Yet, on average only 12 % of professionals are able to apply what they have learned.

Here are 7 other platforms.

How can you reinforce a culture of learning to keep your team’s engagement and growth?

1. Use micro-learning to increase motivation 

That helps your team to get it actually done and put it on their busy calendar easily. It also supports them to get motivated at the first stage.


Their brain is able to see the outcome of this learning session. Therefore, we enable the enhancement of reward in the brain. This leads to excitement and engagement within the learning journey.

2. Focus on short lessons

Research shows that our attention span is shorter than from a goldfish. A recent study found that the average human attention span is around eight seconds.

Lessons with a single topic (3 min – 10 min duration) on a single topic will support your team members to digest the topic.

3. Enable self-directed identification of learning areas

I’ve been talking about the SCARF Model from David Rock. Brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others. SCARF stands for the five key elements: Status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness.

Providing the ability for self-directed learning will not only support your team members to learn effectively, but also allow them to elevate teamwork overall.

4. Implement a learning hack for accountability

As mentioned in the beginning, only 12 % of professionals are able to transfer their knowledge.

You can assign a buddy or peer coach for accountability. This will help to follow through even in challenging times. If this buddy system is done right, both parties will enjoy this learning process together even more.

5. Track the result and evaluate

Tracking results and evaluating the impact of learning is one of the most crucial steps and often completely forgotten. A short survey or even better…

5. Invite team members to share

This will not only promote a learning culture but will also allow to see the overall impact of learning. A ripple effect within the company culture is established and supports you to establish a growth mindset for the future of work.

This can be done with short meetings to provide visibility and acknowledgment for the learner as well as inspiration and motivation for the workforce.

People love acknowledgment and recognition. Especially the younger learners. Make sure to recognize their progress and your team engagement and satisfaction will skyrocket.

And don’t forget, we can absolutely winX Today!

With gratitude & gumption,


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