WINdemic: How To Successfully Navigate In The Unknown

As we found ourselves within this global pandemic, many leaders and business owners faced an unmapped territory. But running a business, leading people and delivering to clients/customers as I do (like I’ve been doing in one or another way for almost two decades) is completely new in this season.

Sharing with you this 4 part series that I call #WINdemic to support you holistically within your personal and professional life.

Take 30 – 40 minutes per part and get a dose of information, insights, and inspiration combined with great vibes and good energy.

PART 1: Perception (30 min.)

The foundation of any approach is the way we look at things. Uncertainty and unknown bring you sometimes in a situation, where you simply don’t know. Finding a way to gain a perspective can be challenging.

In Windemic part 1, we go through our mental model and a 3-step system to change the way you look at things.

It will help you to find comfort in uncertainty and unknown and be able to provide clarity, compassion and confidence for yourself and your team.

PART 2: Leadership (34 min.)

If you work remotely or lead at a distance, the brain-based leadership SCARF Model (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness) will help you how to intrinsically motivate your team. It’s important to understand what triggers your remote team in order to provide a path in the unmapped territory.

You will also learn how to increase engagement by applying this model in your day-to-day leadership.

PART 3: Freedom (35 min. – you can skip the end:))

This might be surprising to you, but it’s about your internal freedom. Part 3 is all about different ways of looking at what is happening in you in response to what is appearing around you. It’s meant to challenge your current reality or even disrupt it.

In order to be able to come out of Alice’s rabbit hole, we have to establish skills to manage our minds first.

PART 4: Entrepreneurship (35 min.)

Last part of this WINdemic will show you how to be an entrepreneur in life and in business. This session will support you to understand what’s standing in your way to rock remote work and all areas of life actually. Sharing one of my secrets that helped me to become the youngest executive consultant and change project leader within the biggest telecommunication merger.

Hope this will help you to navigate within this unmapped territory as well.

I share with you in every session a challenge. Inviting you to do it with a pen and paper the old school way or grab your pad and write it down there.

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