How To Transform Your Mind With Don Taylor

In this interview on the #WinXToday show, we’re talking to Don Taylor. Don is the founder of iNeuroThink that helps thinking by design. He is also a MindMap Expert, Holistic Educator, and Thought Leader. I’m excited to share with you this interview and training.

Let’s talk Mind Mapping. A tool that enhances creativity, mindfulness, and conscious self-leadership. Unbelievable great to structure ideas, learn or brainstorm, and much more!

90-95 % of our thoughts, feelings, and behavior is unconscious. In this show, we’ll help you to apply self-leadership based on neuroscience. Grab a pen and paper and tune in now.

Here are 7 other platforms.

Hope you enjoy this training full of kindness, insights and inspiration.

Find more about Done Taylor here.

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